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Wedding Décor Part 2 of 3: Table Design and the Concept of Price per Table 07.14.2009

The concept of décor is really just the idea of looking at your wedding holistically. It is the idea that every piece of your wedding is not just a necessity – it is an opportunity. Everything from chairs, tables, linens, napkins, favors and centerpieces to candles, table numbers, place cards, menus, chargers, etc. Think of all of these things simultaneously, because they are all table décor.

A $200 centerpiece on a table with linens that don’t touch the ground, hotel candles and chair covers that don’t compliment your theme is not $200 well spent. Poorly planned elements detract from well-planned elements. For example, a wedding reception I planned had small restaurant tables that caused me to really step back and focus on total table design because every detail becomes completely noticeable on such a small table.

Instead of looking at your reception tables as “price per centerpiece”, approach it as a “price per table”. Your wedding theme is better served by combining elements rather than hinging everything based upon the centerpiece alone and trusting that your guests will feel what you intended for them to feel. You can see a $200 example of this “price per table” concept below that includes chivari chairs, linens, paper goods, a centerpiece, etc.

A tip for when you are working with your florist: ask them to build you a tablescape. No centerpiece is an island, everything looks better with candles. If your florist builds a tablescape complete with candles that fits your budget, your table will look complete and thoughtful.

Price per Table Concept: $200 example

Chivari Chairs: $75
Standard Linen: $12
Chargers: $10
Napkins: $5
Menus: $20
Table Numbers: $3
Centerpiece (including candles): $75


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